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Tens Electrode Pads. Reusable High Quality Self Adhesive 50 mm Square Electrodes Pad. Compatible Replacement for Long Pin Tip Lead Wire Connector EMS Machines.

  • STAYS IN PLACE ON SKIN. Easy to use 5 cm self-adhesive electro pads. Just peel off the pads from the plastic placement. Make sure the target area is free of lotion any liquid (except conductive gels) then put the pads over the skin and connect to lead connectors.

  • SNUG FIT TO LEAD CONNECTORS. Specifically designed for 2 mm x 13mm long lead connectors. Firmly push the lead connectors coming from the machine to the female connectors on the pads. Make sure the lead connector is not exposed after connecting.

  • SOFT AND TOUGH. Our tens pads are made of premium quality materials that makes it soft enough to adapt to the countour of the target area, yet tough and does not break or tear. This allows you multiple use of our pads.

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  • HYPOALLERGENIC AND REUSABLE. Safe on most types of skin as it is very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. The pads can be used multiple times. If the pads start to lose adhesion, just add a drop of water on the adhesive.

  • CLEAN PEEL OFF. Adhesive stays on pad, not on skin. Removal is a breeze, just start peeling the pad off from one of the corners, slowly remove from skin and immediatley put back on plastic placement sheet, then remove lead connectors.

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