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You're Creating a Better You!

Just Fitter helps you monitor your body, make pain tolerable, and provide the essentials to help you achieve your health goals. Our test strips gives you a better understanding of what your body is telling you for better self-awareness.

Our flagship pH test strips are the basic must-have for everyone. A balanced body pH will assist in a healthier body.

“Disease can’t survive in an alkaline body”. - 1931 Nobel prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg

"It would be prudent to consider an alkaline diet to reduce morbidity and mortality of chronic diseases that are plaguing our aging population." - The Alkaline Diet: Is There Evidence That an Alkaline pH Diet Benefits Health? (

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What people are saying about us..

"So, I was recently diagnosed with moderate non alcoholic fatty liver disease, and told that I should start eating a low carb diet. Keto was suggested by my GI doctor, so I bought a couple of books and these ketone test strips and got started. These do exactly what they are supposed to do, and are very helpful for me, personally, because my efforts are measurable. I don't have to wonder if what I am doing is working (between doctor's visits, of course.) I'll purchase these again, when I run out."


"The strips work great and are easy to handle and read. They even have a larger scale comparison chart you can take off the back of the box for a easier to compare reading of your results. Easy open jar makes me feel a bit more secure opening them near my toilet!"


"I am new to the Keto Zone Diet. I find this product to be very helpful in guiding me through the proper stages of Ketosis. After two weeks of following the Keto Zone Diet and using the Just Fitter Test Strips, I am right on target! The strips are easy to use and easy to read. Great Product."


"They arrived with in a day or two and are very easy to use as read. They make Ketosis much easier to determine. The follow up from purchase has been great. Very happy with the strips. Keeps me on target"

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